First Peek at Legendary Showdown 3 with CAD Comic

Posted by Aaron Hansen at

Hi everyone, we want to give you an update on our progress with the next edition of Legendary Showdown. Right now, we’re in the process of gathering images for the card deck, making the card design files, and balancing the game dynamics. We’re getting really excited about how fun this game is going to be!

Ctrl+Alt+Del has a long history and we’ve had a good time reading through all the past content to create this new game. Tim has been really great to work with so far and has even agreed to re-create a lot of the old artwork exclusively for Legendary Showdown! All the images are going to be super high quality and make for some really nice game cards. Here’s a side by side of some of the new artwork vs. the old. These guys just might make it into the game:

We’re not gonna lie, the decklist is looking pretty sweet too. With potential cards like “Forced to do Math” and “Fierce Dragon Debate,” there are going to be some epic and whacky battles.

Check back with us soon for more info on what we’re working on. :) We’re open to suggestions! Feel free to leave any awesome card ideas in the comments section. If you’re new to Legendary Showdown, check out our gameplay video, webstore, or ask us any questions you may have!

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