Legendary Showdown Gameplay Video

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Now that we’ve shared a few of the bonus rewards for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we thought it was about time to reflect on the main event and talk about the game.  It’s easy to learn how to play Legendary Showdown, but reading rule books is for chumps.  Check out the instructional game play video above to see what it’s all about!

The new edition of Legendary Showdown, featuring Girl Genius and Gunnerkrigg Court, follows the same rules, but has fresh action, instant, face down, weapon, and bonus cards that allow for a lot of exciting new strategies.  In other words, it’s a new flavor of the same game.  You can also mix and match cards from both editions to create your own variations.

Also, to everyone who participated in our discussion about choosing the new game name, thank you for your comments and suggestions! We are considering your recommendations and will be announcing the final name soon.

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