Game FAQ

General Questions

Do I need to know anything about the comics to enjoy the game? 

Nope. Although being familiar with the comic makes playing the game that much more fun, our games are meant to be easy to understand and all kinds of legendary on their own. 

How do the two versions of Legendary Showdown differ? 

The rules are the same, but for Machines and Magic, we swapped out a large number of action, weapon, bonus, and face down cards to create an all new experience that allows additional strategies. In other words, Machines and Magic is a new flavor of Legendary Showdown - a flavor designed to delightfully complement the original game or be delicious all on its own. Some of the changes include negative face down cards and a new category of cards called “Play Immediately cards” that add an occasional dash of chaos. Please do not lick the cards.

What would go great with my game? 

The collector's coins and sweet fridge magnets of course! Whether your flavor is ninjas, coyotes, robots, or raptor riding 12-year-olds, we have something for you. Check out our selection here

Where can I learn more about the comics? 

To learn more about the comics featured in Machines and Magic, head on over to and

To learn more about the comic featured in the original Legendary Showdown, head on over to You won't be disappointed! 

What kind of quality are the cards and game box? 

We use the highest quality materials to produce our games. Both the box and cards are coated with a linen finish to protect the artwork, and our cards have black core to prevent bending. 

Do you plan on making more games in the future? 

Absolutely! We have a bunch of awesome stuff in the works to provide our fans with even more entertainment. Check out our blog for updates on future projects. 

Gameplay Questions  

Regarding play order, the rules say that player with the weakest character starts the round. Does this include weapon and bonus?

When choosing the weakest character, weapons and bonuses are added to the score. So, a 3 point character with a "Bazooka" (10 points total) is worth more than a 8 point character with no weapons or bonuses, so the 8 point character is weaker and starts first.

Does “Just a Clone” prevent the person’s character that is firing “Dracula’s Moon Laser” from dying?

Yes, if you have "Just a Clone" in your facedown cards, none of your characters will die that round.

If only two players remain, can the first person that goes pass to end the game?

No, every player should receive at least one turn. All players get at least one chance to play cards or pass.

Can I use “Let’s Do This… Together!” on an opponent and then use “Dracula’s Moon Laser” to kill two of them?

Yes! That is a great strategy!

If you are using "Let's Do This... Together!", can one "Just a Clone" card save both characters?

Yes, "Just a Clone" card specifies that it prevents any of your characters from dying.

What order do the cards hit the discard pile when someone uses “Greetings from the Future”? This is relevant for “Ninjas have no Honor”

The card which was played first (the first action or instant card - note that "Greetings from the Future" won't cancel weapons or bonuses) gets discarded first, and the second card played ("Greetings from the Future") is discarded second.

When the round ends and "Let's do this... Together!" was played, do both move to the back of the line?

Both characters would move to the back of the line because they are both involved in the end-of-the-round fight and the rules say to move surviving characters to the back of the line.

If "Let's do this... Together!" is played on a losing team and one of the front characters is one that may be sacrificed for another, can it be sacrificed for the other character?

No, both characters are eliminated simultaneously when the round ends, so the 3-point character can't be sacrificed as it has already been eliminated.

If "Let's do this... Together!" is played on a losing team and another character in that line may be sacrificed for another, can it be sacrificed for both front characters?

No, sacrificing a 3-point character only saves one other character.

If the game is ended with “Dracula’s Moon Laser”, who wins?

If a game ends with total destruction due to “Dracula’s Moon Laser”, all the players who were still in the game tie (although whoever used the moon laser gets bragging rights).