How to Play

How to Play Legendary Showdown

LS Characters

Step 1 

In Legendary Showdown, there are 2 types of cards, character cards, and playing cards. To begin, each player is dealt 5 character cards and 5 playing cards. Each player then lies all of his or her character cards face-up in a horizontal line in front of them.





Step 2

Once this happens, you're ready to start the first round. During the round, each player takes turns equipping their characters with powerful weapons and bonuses while trying to neutralize other players. Each character can have only one bonus and weapon, but you can place these cards on any character you like, unless the card description says otherwise. 

But the madness doesn’t stop there! You can rearrange your line and the lines of your opponents to change who will be competing in the final battle. You can also strengthen your line with secret facedown bonuses to get the upper hand.  





Step 3 

You can play as many cards as you like during your turn, you aren't limited to just one. You also have the option to use all your cards, some of them, or none of them. If you feel like your line is ready for battle, just say pass.The round suddenly ends when all players but one (poor guy) are ready to fight. When the round is over, the characters at the front of each line fight to the death! The one with the most points survives and the rest are discarded into the pile of shame. 




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